Youth and Teen Programs

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is proud to offer the exclusive Adventure Ocean Youth Program for those guests who are vacationing with families, including younger kids and teens between the ages of 3 and 17. Educational activities like hands-on science experiments and art classes open up the horizons of younger children while talent contests, planned sports events, scavenger hunts, and pool parties offer play-time for in-between ages. Teenagers also have their own nightclub for dancing and mingling, karaoke, and coffee-nights for conversation and meeting other passengers their own ages.

The idea behind this award-winning, complimentary program is to provide a wide variety of fun, exciting, and supervised activities for kids of all ages to take part in and enjoy. Participants will learn all about their ship as well as the places they are visiting, while at the same time having the time of their lives! To participate in Adventure Ocean Youth Program activities, kids must be between the ages of 3 and 17, and potty trained. Within the program, there are a total of five different age groups, each one with its own planned age appropriate activities and events.

There are the Aquanauts (for kids ages 3-5), the Explorers (for kids ages 6-8), the Voyagers (for kids ages 9-11), the Navigators (for kids/teens ages 12-14), and the Teen group (for teens ages 15-17).

If your child wants to join a different age group, they must participate in one daytime activity session and one night-activity session with their proper age group first. The Adventure Ocean Manager and youth staff will then make the decision based on their maturity level of whether or not they will be permitted to switch groups.

In addition to keeping your kids thoroughly entertained, the Royal Caribbean’s Adventure Ocean staff promises, above all, to keep them safe. Every staff member holds a college degree in education, recreation, or other related field, from an accredited college or university, or has qualified-equivalent experience working with children ages 3-17. All are certified in CPR, and have an extensive background working with large groups of children, and from three to five years experience working in team situations. So while you are out having a blast you can rest assured that your kids are in good hands, and having tons of fun as well!

Each day kids will be able to partake in exciting events and festivities including movies, scavenger hunts, pizza parties, story telling, arts and crafts, on-deck sporting events, and even special kids-only dinners featuring all their favorites from mac and cheese and hot dogs, to chocolate cake. Older kids and teens can enjoy a number of activities including a teen disco, dance lessons, arcade games, sports tournaments, card games, special teen-only parties, trivia contests, bingo, movies and videos.

Royal Caribbean also offers individual and group babysitting on a nightly basis for a small nominal fee. Rates are generally between $8 and $10 an hour, depending on the number of children in your family. Payments must be made in cash. 24 hours advance notice is required, and you can always confirm the service with Guest Relations upon boarding, or anytime throughout the duration of your cruise.

Any Royal Caribbean cruise is truly a thrilling vacation that the whole family can enjoy together, and with each ship offering so much for passengers of all ages, everyone is sure to have a blast!

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise Lines hasn’t forgotten about the kids either! Celebrity’s exclusive X-Club for kids offers kids ages 3-17 the chance to participate is a host of thrilling age-appropriate onboard activities while at sea. From educational activities like exploring the fascinating worlds of science and nature, to other exciting events such as talent shows, pizza parties, sports tournaments, special dinner parties, movie nights, treasure hunts, and more! All X-Club activities are always supervised by highly trained and experienced Celebrity staff members, so parents can go enjoy their time together and feel extremely comfortable and secure with leaving their kids in the program for the day. Celebrity also offers nightly babysitting for a small nominal fee.

All X-Club activities are age-specific, so kids will always be spending time with other kids their same ages. The program is grouped into the following age brackets:

Ship Mates
Kids ages 3-6
Celebrity Cadets
Kids ages 7-9
Kids ages 10-12
Admiral T’s
Teens ages 13-17

In addition to the pizza parties and scavenger hunts, Celebrity also offers a wide range of fun and educational activities as well. With Celebrity’s Science Journeys, kids have the opportunity to participate in a number of hands-on activities that give them the chance to do everything from discovering insects and experimenting with sea life, to exploring the exciting and mysterious world of pirates! Celebrity’s Science Journeys are offered on every cruise at no additional cost and last from around 30 minutes to one hour.

Some of the exciting Celebrity Science Journeys activities offered on a daily basis are:

Children learn about biomes, pollination and the solar system in a fun, upbeat environment.
Buccaneer’s Bounty
Children delight as they explore the world of pirates, tracing their history, sunken treasures, and excavation.
Sounds of the Sea
The sea comes to life as children listen firsthand as sea-life communicate underwater.
Wacky Weather
Hurricanes, thunder, air pressure and weather patterns are all stirred up during this engaging session.