Transatlantic Cruises

Who says a cruise vacation has to stay on just one side of the Atlantic? Imagine…sailing off into the sunset, as the beautiful blue water glistens all around you, and settling in for a vacation experience quite unlike anything you have ever even dreamt of. Travel on an extraordinary journey across the entire span of the Atlantic Ocean, while also getting the chance to stop at a number of incredible destinations all along the way!

A Transatlantic Cruise is truly unlike any other cruise vacation experience available today. Awake each and every morning with nothing but the bright and colorful horizon at your doorstep. Truly get to know the luxurious wonder that is your ship, and discover all she has to offer you. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to explore a number of spectacular destinations such as Bermuda, Ireland, France, Italy, as well as the mysterious Canary Islands. This will most certainly be the most amazing two weeks you have ever spent in your life!

Transatlantic Cruises Points of Interest

Transatlantic Cruises aboard the ships of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines offer a wide variety of thrilling on and off ship activities that the entire family can enjoy! From Miami to Rome, your options for fun, adventure, and relaxation are virtually endless, and you get to see and do it all from the deck of one of the most majestic and magnificent cruise ships sailing the high seas today! Whether you’re standing atop the famed Rock of Gibraltar, strolling the charming streets of Paris or Venice, or exploring lush forests of the Canary Islands, this is sure to be one of the most extraordinary vacation experiences you have ever had!

The Canary Islands have always been laden with ancient myths and a mysterious history that has for centuries captivated explorers and tourists of all kinds that have landed upon the shores of this quaint and colorful tropical paradise located just off the western coast of Africa. Many believe that the deep blue waters that lie just beyond these islands hold all the secrets as well as what may remain of the legendary ancient city of Atlantis. The Canary Islands are a province of Spain, and have always been celebrated for their immense, virtually indescribable natural beauty, as well as their friendly natives and delicious cuisine, which dates all the way back to the eras of the Greek and Roman empires.

You can explore the towering castles and rolling green hills of Ireland. Tour the sprawling countryside, with its beautiful natural scenery and charming native villages. In France, sip a delicious cup of coffee or tea a delightful street-side cafe, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or enjoy a night of dancing at the world-famous Moulin Rouge!

Your Transatlantic Voyage may also take you to the European hot spot of Portugal, home to some of the world’s most famous explorers. Embark on an exciting hike through the hills, where breathtaking views are abundantly offered in every direction, or discover hidden treasures in the quaint yet narrow streets of Lisbon. Whether you’re simply relaxing on deck with a good book and a delicious cocktail, venturing out on an exciting quest through a lush forest, or touring the streets Europe, there’s truly no limit to the kinds of fun and adventure that you can have on a thrilling Transatlantic Cruise!

Transatlantic Cruises Shore Excursions

Transatlantic Cruises aboard the majestic ships of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines also offer passengers an enormous variety of thrilling shore excursion adventures to choose from in each and every port of call, any one of which can easily be added to your individual cruise itinerary. Whether you are exploring the ancient mysteries of the Canary Islands, taking a stroll around Rossio Square in Lisbon, exploring the streets of London, taking a romantic sunset Gondola ride through the canals of Venice, touring an ancient castle in Ireland, or simply relaxing on a beautiful sun-lit beach in the Caribbean, there is truly something for everyone to see and enjoy!

Whether you want to venture out on just one excursion, or you want to try something new and exciting in each and every port of call, you have the freedom to customize your spectacular Transatlantic Cruise Vacation to be whatever you want it to be! No matter what you may choose to do, or not to do, this is sure to be an unforgettable vacation experience! Be sure to check with your certified cruise specialist about the latest Transatlantic shore excursion and cruise tour options being offered!

Transatlantic Cruises

Dress on all Transatlantic Cruises aboard the ships of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines is always quite casual. There will be at least two formal nights, depending on the length of your Transatlantic cruise. For formal occasions most men wear nice suits, and women usually wear cocktail gowns. A couple of nights may also be themed, so you would dress accordingly for those particular evenings. Otherwise, smart casual attire will do just fine.

To be most comfortable onboard a Transatlantic Cruise, it is recommended that guests bring Jeans or slacks, several sweaters, a jacket, a windbreaker, and a raincoat. Be sure to bring plenty of warm socks, as well as low-heeled shoes for all on-deck activities. Also, don’t forget your swimsuit (towels are provided), camera, and a pair of binoculars if you so desire.

If you have pre-booked or plan to participate in any shore excursions, be sure to have the proper attire for those activities, such as comfortable walking shoes, hiking boots, etc. Transatlantic cruise shore excursions are always casual, both during the day and in the evening.

Transatlantic Cruises Ships, Destinations, and Itineraries

Transatlantic Cruises aboard the ships of Celebrity Cruise Lines offer passengers a wide selection of 10-16 night Transatlantic Cruise itineraries departing from both Europe and the United States. Celebrity Century, Celebrity Galaxy, Celebrity Constellation, and Celebrity Millennium all travel to a number of beautiful destinations while crossing the Atlantic including stops in Spain, France, Italy, Corsica, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Portugal, England, the Bahamas, and more!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines also offers a number of Transatlantic Cruise options. Jewel of the Seas, Legend of the Seas, Brilliance of the Seas, and Splendour of the Seas all offer a variety of 10-14 night Transatlantic itineraries to magnificent destinations such as Funchal (Madeira), Portugal; Lisbon, Portugal; Malaga, Spain; Villefranche (Nice), France; Barcelona, Spain; Tenerife, Canary Islands; Nassau, Bahamas, and so many more!

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